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CTE/Architecture & Construction Curriculum Interior Design 1
Lesson Plans

Strand 4

Identify the terms associated with the color wheel and the major color schemes. (STEM: Math, Science)

Standard 1

Identify and explain the use of color or hue. Hue is the name of a color on the color wheel
  • Color Psychology
    This lesson introduces students to the concept of color affecting the way we think, feel, and act.
  • Color Review
    Review a unit on color by using a PowerPoint presentation that mimics the gameshow, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."
  • Color Review Bingo
    This activity provides students with an entertaining yet challenging method of review before the test on the color unit.
  • Color Scheme Coloring
    This lesson introduces students to the concept of color schemes and how they might appear in a room.
  • Color Scheme Picture Assignment
    This assignment fulfills the requirements of a performance objective for the state skills test #330.
  • Color Schemes
    This lesson plan includes a variety of activities to teach color schemes including a paint chip sort, a PowerPoint presentation, and a Jelly Belly activity.
  • Color Schemes
    Color Schemes and corresponding assignments.
  • Color Video
    Students will complete a listening guide as they watch the video Color in Everyday Life. This activity should serve as an introduction to the color unit.
  • Color Wheel
    This lesson will introduce students to the color wheel.
  • Color Wheel Introduction
    This lesson is a very basic demonstration of how simply the color wheel is created.
  • Color Wheel Project
    This activity helps to reinforce the Color Wheel Introduction assignment in which students were shown the relationship between primary and secondary colors. This assignment takes the color wheel one necessary step farther and introduces the concept of tertiary colors.
  • Paint Chip Color Schemes
    This lesson further enforces the idea of color schemes and the colors involved in a correct color scheme.
  • Value & Intensity Painting
    This lesson provides a hands-on approach for students to create their own tints, tones, & shades and to work on changing the intensity of colors.
  • Warm & Cool Color Collages
    Students will create two separate collages--one depicting warm colors and one depicting cool colors.
  • Warm & Cool Coloring
    This lesson will introduce the concept of warm and cool colors in as simple and fun manner.

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