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CTE/Architecture & Construction Curriculum Interior Design 2
Lesson Plans

Strand 5

Students will distinguish features of selected furniture styles and characteristics of quality furniture.

Standard 1

Identify selected furniture styles and common characteristics of each

Type Picture Definition
Early American Turned legs, square, blocky with plank seat or cane seat.
Queen Anne Cabriole leg, pad foot, shell motif, wing chair.
Chippendale Ball and claw foot, ears, Chinese influence-black lacquer Japanning, camel back couch.
Hepplewhite Shield back, tapered legs
Sheraton Square back, tapered legs
Duncan Phyfe Lyre back, splayed legs, laurel leaves.
Shaker Ladder back, simple, structural lines
Victorian Very ornate, tufting, elaborate carvings on wood parts.
Modern/contemporary May use one or more materials in construction—glass, wood, metal and plastics, textiles.

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