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Science - Secondary Curriculum Science - Earth Science
Lesson Plans

Standard 1

Students will understand the scientific evidence that supports theories that explain how the universe and the solar system developed. They will compare Earth to other objects in the solar system.

Objective 2

Analyze Earth as part of the solar system, which is part of the Milky Way galaxy.
  • Composition of the Solar System
    Students will use a reading selection to compare the solar system to a neighborhood and do some writing, drawing and make comparisons to reinforce their knowledge about the rocky planets, gas giants and amount of matter in the solar system.
  • Modeling the Solar System
    Students will use a computer program to scale a solar system model. They will then create and build it.
  • My Solar System
    Students will use a simulation to build their own solar system. In the process they will discover the relationship between gravity and motion that keeps a planet in orbit.
  • Nebular Theory Game
    Students will understand the formation of planets and solar system bodies by playing this game.
  • Radioactive Dating Game
    Students will use an interactive website to understand the concept of radioactive decay.
  • Radioactive Decay
    In this activity students will use a mathematical model to study the process of radioactive decay in order to help understand how it can be used to determine the age of ancient earth materials.
  • Radioactive Frosty
    Students will use melting snow to create a graph showing the "decay" of the snow in Frosty the Snowman. They will solve the mystery of how long Frosty has been decomposing.
  • Size of Solar System vs. Size of Our Galaxy
    Students will use an informational text to learn about the concept and practice their mathematical reasoning skills.

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