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Lesson Plans

Standard 4

Students will understand the dynamics of the hydrosphere.

Objective 1

Characterize the water cycle in terms of its reservoirs, water movement among reservoirs and how water has been recycled throughout time.
  • Aquifer Activity
    Students will build a model of an aquifer and test it for water flow and movement of pollution.
  • Reservoirs of the Water Cycle
    Students will predict how much water is in each reservoir of the water cycle by making a pie chart. After a demonstration they will then create a pie chart of the actual amount in each reservoir.
  • Water Cycle Cartoon
    Students will design a 6 to 9 panel cartoon in story form to explain the steps and processes of the water cycle.
  • Water Cycle in a Flask
    Students set up a distilling apparatus to observe water as it changes state (water cycle) and cleans itself in the process.
  • Where's the Water? - Stream Side Science
    Students will use 10 liters (approximately 2.5 gallons) of water to represent all the water on the earth. They will be given the percentage for each water source in relation to the total amount, and asked to divide the 10 liters of water to demonstrate this.

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