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Lesson Plans

Standard 2

Students will understand the relationship between energy changes in the atom specific to the movement of electrons between energy levels in an atom resulting in the emission or absorption of quantum energy. They will also understand that the emission of high-energy particles results from nuclear changes and that matter can be converted to energy during nuclear reactions.

Objective 2

Evaluate how changes in the nucleus of an atom result in emission of radioactivity.
  • Geiger Counter Demos
    This demonstration will help students understand how a Geiger counter works to measure radioactive decay.
  • Isotopic Dating Activity
    Students will do research relating half-life and the age of radioactive substances on interesting topics.
  • Penny Half-life Lab
    Students will use pennies to model the half-life of radioactive atoms
  • Picture Guide for Radioactivity
    This is a study guide where the students draw pictures and write descriptions to review their chapter on radioactivity.
  • Radioactive Frosty
    Students will use melting snow to create a graph showing the "decay" of the snow in Frosty the Snowman. They will solve the mystery of how long Frosty has been decomposing.
  • Radioactive Review
    This lesson consists of half-life problems for the students to work out.

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