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Lesson Plans

Standard 6

Students will understand the properties that describe solutions in terms of concentration, solutes, solvents, and the behavior of acids and bases.

Objective 1

Describe factors affecting the process of dissolving and evaluate the effects that changes in concentration have on solutions.
  • A Modern Day Con Game
    Students read a description of an attempted forgery that was solved using a silver chloride precipitation reaction. They will write the chemical equations for the reactions and make an illustration for the reading selection.
  • Concentration
    Students will increase the concentration of salt in a solution and note when the solution goes from dilute to concentrated to saturated.
  • Finding Solutions
    Students will use the terms solute and solvent in describing a solution. They will sketch a solution at the particle level and design and conduct an experiment to determine the factors (e.g., agitation, particle size, temperature) affecting the relative rate of dissolution.
  • Oscillating Clock
    Students will follow a set of directions that lead to the "oscillating clock" reaction. They will need to do careful molarity calculations and measurements for it to work correctly.
  • Solutions Everywhere
    Students will discover how the percent concentration for solutions is widely used in foods and medicines.
  • Successful Solutions
    Students will accurately prepare two solutions and use them to perform a Briggs-Raucher (starch-iodine) reaction

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