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CTE/Business, Finance and Marketing Curriculum Accounting 1
Lesson Plans

Strand 5

Students will describe the process of creating the income statement and balance sheet.

Standard 2

Explain the process of creating an income statement.
  • Accounting -- Financial Statements For A Proprietorship
    Introduction of the financial statements for a proprietorship set up as a service business. Introduction of the need for financial statements at the end of each fiscal period. Introduction of the income statement, the different sections of the income statement, the accounts to be included on the income statement and how to use the totals from the income statement to figure the appropriate component percentages for the business. Review the balance sheet, the different sections of the balance sheet, the accounts to be included on the balance sheet, and making sure that debits equals credits. Introduction of the current capital in regards to owner's capital, how to use the total of the balance sheet to see if the company is keeping the accounting equation in check. Discussion on how to use the information from the income statement and the balance sheet to analyze the company's financial position.

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