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Social Studies Curriculum Social Studies - 1st Grade
Lesson Plans

Standard 1

(Culture): Students will recognize and describe how schools and neighborhoods are both similar and different.

Objective 1

Recognize and describe examples of differences within school and neighborhood.
  • Choices and Consequences
    This activity explores the concepts of "choices" and "consequences".
  • Folk Dancing Fun
    Students will learn about different cultures through dance.
  • Games People Play
    Engaging in games played around the world, students will learn about other cultures.
  • Let's Party!
    Students will be motivated to reflect on family traditions and customs of celebrations. As they share these 'unique' practices discussion will bring to light the differences and similarities of families. Students are introduced to other celebrations from around the world as well as right here at home.
  • Map Making
    Students will study a map of their school and then create a map of their classroom.
  • These are Things in My Community
    Students will observe, identify, and record similarities and differences within their school and neighborhood communities.
  • Traditions in Our Family
    This lesson gives the students an opportunity to see that every family has traditions they participate in throughout the year.

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