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Social Studies Curriculum Social Studies - 1st Grade
Lesson Plans

Standard 2

(Citizenship): Students will recognize their roles and responsibilities in the school and in the neighborhood.

Objective 3

Name school, neighborhood, Utah state, and national symbols, landmarks, and documents.
  • 1st Grade - Act. 09: Freedom Quilt
    After learning about a specific national symbol, each student will create one section of a classroom quilt that will be tied together.
  • Personal Patriots
    Students will review the Pledge of Allegiance and symbols of America.
  • Postc@rds from the Net

    Students develop an appreciation of the community in which they live, taking a closer look at the world just outside their doors and sharing their experiences with their classmates, near and far.

  • Symbols and Landmarks
    The students will learn to identify different world, national, state, and community symbols and distinguish between them.
  • Time Capsule
    Students will learn to compare and contrast changes over time.

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