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Health Education Curriculum Health Education I (7-8)
Lesson Plans


Students will learn how substances affect the developing brain, practice ways to resist peer pressure, and examine consequences of substance use.

Standard HI.SAP.5:

Explain how addiction is a disease and understand the need for professional intervention.
  • Nicotine Addiction and Quitting
    The activities in this lesson will help students understand why tobacco is addictive and how and why people quit using tobacco.
  • iPad Activity - Addiction

    Students will use iPads in groups to watch "The Neuroscience of Addiction Part 3 - Drugs in the Brain" from eMedia and then research how drugs affect the brain and cause addiction using "Foundation for a drug-free world" website. They will then create presentations on addiction using the "Educreations" app. They will learn about the long-term effects of drug abuse.

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