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Financial Literacy Curriculum General Financial Literacy
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Strand 3

Students will evaluate saving methods and investment strategies.

Standard 2

Discuss the dynamics of saving and investing.

  • Choose to Save Financial Calculators
    A variety of financial calculators to help you make wise financial decisions.
  • Countdown to Retirement
    Play out the career and lifestyle of your choice, and see if your decisions allow you to retire in luxury -- or keep you working until the day you die. It all depends on the choices you make in life and how well you manage your money.
  • Test Your Money Smarts
    Students can complete this online quiz to find out how much they know about money and investments.
  • The Stock Market Game
    Students: You know have a chance to invest a hypothetical $100,000 in real-time portfolio.
  • Timing Is Everything
    In this lesson students will identify the opportunity cost of and incentives for spending and saving, and analyze and explain the relationship among time, amount saved, the interest rate and its impact on savings growth.

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