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Standard 1

Students will understand the scientific evidence that supports theories that explain how the universe and the solar system developed. They will compare Earth to other objects in the solar system.
  • Doppler Effect: Redshift and the Expanding Univers
    A good explanation of the evidence scientists use to show that the universe is expanding.
  • Earth and Space Science OER Textbook for Utah SEEd Standards
    The Utah Science Open Educational Resources (OER) textbook project was started to bring Utah teachers together to create a resource that aligns to Utah core science standards. The Utah Science OER textbooks are not intended to be curriculum as they do not include labs, assessments, or a teacher guide with answers. They are intended as a reference material for students with content to support teachers classroom instruction and help make sense of science concepts found in standards. This OER textbook is also available in other languages at
  • Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures
    You'll not only find the latest released photos from the Hubble, but also pictures organized by subject.
  • Imagine The Universe!
    From NASA. Learn about black holes, galaxies, stars and star formation, and more.
  • Introduction to the Biosphere
    Chapter 9 of the Fundamentals of Physical Geography online textbook at discusses such things as abiotic and biotic factors, ecosystems, and more.
  • Is the Universe Still Expanding?
    An interesting discussion thread attempts to answer a difficult question.
  • Milky Way Galaxy
    Learn about our galaxy - the Milky Way.
  • Runaway Universe
    Check out the history of the universe, supernovas, doppler shift, and more. Companion site to a Nova documentary.
  • Solar System Simulator
    See different views of the solar system by selecting data such as which planet or spacecraft to view from, the date, and the desired field of view.
  • The Big Bang
    A description of the theory of the origin of our universe.
  • The Nine Planets: A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System
    An overview of the history, mythology and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our solar system.

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