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Social Studies Curriculum Social Studies - 4th Grade
Educational Links

Standard 3

Students will understand the roles of civic life, politics, and government in the lives of Utah citizens.

Objective 2

Analyze the different ways people have organized governments in Utah to meet community needs.

  • Governor's Office of Economic Development
    Current information about Utah, its government, and why it Utah is the place to be.
  • Utah Counties
    This site provides interesting facts, a short history, photos, and supportive web links for each county in Utah.
  • Utah Division of Indian Affairs
    This website has a collection of information and links concerning Utah's Indian tribes both past and present. This site is a good source for information on Utah tribes and basic information including history and government. This site also has sites for Tribal Land Maps, Utah Tribes Today, Speakers Bureau, Tribally/BIA Operated Schools, American Indian Contacts and Links.
  • Utah State Capitol Building
    Pictures and information about the Utah State Capitol building, including new renovations. Links include a timeline, activities for kids, and architecture websites.
  • Utah State Capitol Building Tour
    A self guided online tour to explore the capitol and some of Utah's history.

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