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Social Studies Curriculum Social Studies - 5th Grade
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Standard 1

Students will understand how the exploration and colonization of North America transformed human history.

Objective 1

Describe and explain the growth and development of the early American colonies.

  • Age of Exploration Webquest
    Students research explorers of America in order to understand their reasons for exploration (i.e. economic, religious, political, adventure) as well as the outcomes of their exploration.
  • American Colonial Life in the Late 1700s: Distant Cousins
    After completing these activities, students will be able to: identify the original thirteen British colonies on a map; understand how physical geography affected settlement; understand how settlers' backgrounds influenced their values, priorities, and daily lives; examine artifacts and make inferences about the people and the historical periods that they represent; imagine typical daily life for different families in colonial America in the late 1700s; write a letter from the viewpoint of someone who lived in a different time and place.
  • Colonial America (1492-1763) - Jump Back in Time
    Learn about Colonial America and influential leaders of that time.
  • Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian: Photographic Images
    This American Memory, a Library of Congress project, includes pictures of The North American Indians.
  • Explorers
    The Enchanted Learning features and alphabetical listing of the explorers. Click on the appropriate letter of the alphabet to find an explorer.
  • Harvest Ceremony: Beyond the Thanksgiving Myth
    This lesson assists teachers in preparing lessons about the first Thanksgiving. The study guide includes information on which Native peoples met the first European immigrants in 1621, the harvest celebration, the Wampanoag today, the importance of corn, and instructions on how to make Johnny cakes.
  • The First Thanksgiving: Daily Life
    Compares and contrasts lifestyles of Native Americans and colonists.
  • What Was Columbus Thinking?
    With this lesson students will understand the purposes of Columbus's voyages, the change in those purposes over time, the native peoples encountered, and the results of Columbus's voyages.
  • You Are the Historian: Investigating the First Thanksgiving
    An interactive site that helps students correct misconceptions of the role of Native Americans in Plymouth.

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