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Driver Education Curriculum
Driver Education
Course Preface



America is perhaps the only nation on the earth where the automobile is widely considered essential. The automobile affects nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Few things so occupy the attention and dreams of young Americans as getting a driver license. Sadly, many of these young Americans will not escape tragic results —loss of property, injury, or even the loss of life—due to insufficient driving skills or inattention to driving conditions. Since the automobile is such a substantial part of American life, it is imperative that vehicle operators possess the requisite skill and knowledge to drive safely. This fact was recognized as early as 1955 by the Utah State Legislature, when a law was enacted which specifically authorized the Utah State Board of Education to establish standards for driver education in the state’s high schools.

The rapid growth and expansion of driver education, the emergence of innovative programs, new legislation, and the passing of the Graduated Driver Licensing laws have brought about the need to provide standards for Utah’s driver education program.

Representatives from Utah Department of Transportation Outreach Specialists, Driver License Division, Highway Safety Office, and driver education instructors met to revise the Utah driver education standards. This committee collaboratively put together the following standards, which represent essential elements of the learning that is expected.

Organization of the Standards

The Utah Core Standards are organized into strands, which represent significant areas of learning within content areas. Depending on the core area, these strands may be designated by time periods, thematic principles, modes of practice, or other organizing principles.

Within each strand are standards. A standard is an articulation of the demonstrated proficiency to be obtained. A standard represents an essential element of the learning that is expected. While some standards within a strand may be more comprehensive than others, all standards are essential for mastery.

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