Holiday Press Pause Resources

Happy Holidays from all of us at the Utah Education Network! As we celebrate the winter holidays, UEN hopes that you take some time to press pause. This month we're highlighting resources on social and emotional learning, self care, engaging activities for kids during the break, gearing up for the new year and more!

A Daily Support System for Students
Students who need extra social and emotional support have a quick check-in with an adult at the start and end of each day.
CSI Resources: Teacher Practices
Lesson activities and teaching practices to support SEL across a variety of subject areas and grade levels.
eMedia Press Pause Resources
Here are some resources from eMedia to give you a few ideas for you and your students.
Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds Activities
This resource provides a starting point for teachers to install activities that stimulate the brain through physical activity.
Internet Safety - Digital Citizenship
Resources to help learn about digital citizenship.
Making Sure Each Child Is Known
A middle school in Nevada uses a simple strategy to build deeper connections between teachers and students.
Nine ideas for..
This is your chance to pick the brains of UEN’s great instructors and explore their top “9 Ideas For…
PDTV: Social & Emotional Learning with Dr. Ben Springer
Dani and Dr. Ben Springer discuss how teachers and leaders can start implementing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in their classrooms and schools.
Preschool Pioneer Activity Calendars
Activities for you and your preschooler to do every day of the week.
SafeUT App Download the app
The SafeUT Crisis Text and Tip Line app provides 24/7 access to crisis counseling and school tip reporting for students and their parents and guardians that live in the state of Utah. Watch this video to learn more.
SEL Strategies and Tools
General strategies and tools to promote social and emotional learning.
Student Interactives: Health
Check out the Health section of each grade level. Play fun games related to your health.
UEN Pinterest
Free web tools & services, such as lesson plans, videos, curriculum resources, interactives & professional development for Utah educators, students & parents
Utah’s Online Library - Gale In Context - High School
Full of student resources including, papers, projects, and presentations that empower the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills with content aligned to national and state curriculum standards.