Secondary Math I Outline of NROC Resources

Quarter 1     •     Quarter 2     •     Quarter 3     •     Quarter 4

Below is an outline of the NROC resources that can be used as interventions when teaching the Secondary Mathematics I course.
Note: NROC has very little Geometry material. Some of the resources below are from the HippoCampus collection and are subject to these Terms of Use.

Quarter 1
Unit 0: Skills Review

Lesson 1: Coordinates and Graphing

Lesson 2: Number Sense

Lesson 3: Exponents

Unit 1: Solving Equations and Inequalities

Lesson 1: Solving Linear Equations

    Standard: A.CED.1, A.REI.1, A.REI.3

Lesson 2: Solving Linear Inequalities

    Standard: A.CED.1, A.REI.3

Lesson 3: Mathematical Reasoning

    Standard: A.SSE.1, A.CED.1, A.CED.3

Lesson 4: Rearranging Formulas

    Standard: A.CED.4

Lesson 5: Solving Problems with Equations

    Standard: A.CED.1, A.CED.3, A.REI.3,

Unit 2: Sequences and Functions

Lesson 1: Defining Relationships

    Standard: F.IF.1, F.IF.3,

Lesson 2: Function Notation

    Standard: F.IF.1, F.IF.2

Lesson 3: Sequences

    Standard: F.BF.2

    • Resource: None

Lesson 4: Modeling with Linear and Exponential Functions

    Standard: F.IF.4

Lesson 5: Using Exponential Functions

    Standard: F.IF.4

Quarter 2
Unit 3: Linear and Exponential Functions

Lesson 1: Sequences and Functions

    Standard: F.BF.2, F.IF.3

Lesson 2: Rates of Change

    Standard: F.IF.6

Lesson 3: Graphs of Linear and Exponential Functions

    Standard: F.LE.3, F.IF.9, F.IF.7

Lesson 4: Key Features of Graphs

    Standard: F.IF.4, F.IF.5, F.IF.7

Lesson 5: Comparing Functions

    Standard: F.IF.9

Lesson 6: Modeling with Functions

    Standard: F.BF.1, F.LE.1, F.LE.2

Lesson 7: Domain and Range

    Standard: F.IF.1

Lesson 8: Applications of Domain and Range

    Standard: F.IF.1, F.LE.5

Unit 4: Systems of Equations and Inequalities

Lesson 1: Graphing Systems of Equations

    Standard: A.REI.6

Lesson 2: Graphing Linear Inequalities

    Standard: A.REI.3

Lesson 3: Operations with Expressions

    Standard: F.BF.1, F.BF.3

Lesson 4: Solving Systems of Linear Equations

    Standard: A.REI.5, A.REI.6

Quarter 3
Unit 5: Descriptive Statistics

Lesson 1: Representing Data Sets

    Standard: S.ID.1, S.ID.2, S.ID.3

Lesson 2: Measures of Center

    Standard: S.ID.5

Lesson 3: Correlation

    Standard: S.ID.8, S.ID.9

Lesson 4: Scatter Plots and Lines of Best Fit

    Standard: S.ID.6, S.ID.7

Unit 6: The Basics of Geometry

Lesson 1: Geometric Vocabulary

    Standard: G.CO.1

Lesson 2: Circle and Angle Vocabulary

    Standard: G.CO.1

Lesson 3: Introduction to Transformations

    Standard: G.CO.2, G.CO.3, G.CO.4

    • Resource: None

Lesson 4: Writing Rules for Transformations

    Standard: G.CO.5

    • Resource: None

Lesson 5: Transformations and Symmetry

    Standard: G.CO.2, G.CO.3

    • Resource: None

Unit 7: Using Geometric Figures

Lesson 1: Transformations and Congruent Figures

    Standard: G.CO.6, G.CO.7

Lesson 2: Proving Congruence

    Standard: G.CO.6, G.CO.7

Lesson 3: Using Congruence

    Standard: G.CO.8

Lesson 4: Basic Constructions

    Standard: G.CO.12, G.CO.13

Lesson 5: Advanced Constructions

    Standard: G.CO.12, G.CO.13


Quarter 4
Unit 8: Connecting Algebra and Geometry

Lesson 1: Finding Perimeter Using the Coordinate Plane

    Standard: G.GPE.7

Lesson 2: Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

    Standard: G.GPE.5

Lesson 3: Using Coordinates to Prove Theorems

    Standard: G.GPE.4

Lesson 4: Writing Equations of Translated Functions

    Standard: F.BF.1, F.BF.2, F.BF.3

Lesson 5: Determining Transformations Between Functions

    Standard: F.BF.1, F.BF.2, F.BF.3

Lesson 6: Translating Linear and Exponential Functions

    Standard: F.BF.1, F.BF.2, F.BF.3


*Created by Annie Swinton, Mountain Heights Academy