Secondary Math II Outline of NROC Resources

Quarter 1         Quarter 2        Quarter 3        Quarter 4

Below is an outline of the NROC resources that can be used as interventions when teaching the Secondary Mathematics II course. Note: Some of the resources below are from the HippoCampus collection and are subject to these Terms of Use.

Quarter 1
Unit 1: Extending the Number System

Lesson 1: Properties of Exponents

    Standard: N.RN.1

Lesson 2: Rational Exponents

    Standard: N.RN.2

Lesson 3: Properties of Number Sets

    Standard: N.RN.3

Lesson 4: Complex Numbers

    Standard: N.CN.1, N.CN.2

Lesson 5: Operations on Polynomials

    Standard: A.APR.1

Unit 2: Quadratic Functions and Modeling

Lesson 1: Key Features of Functions

    Standard: F.IF.4

Lesson 2: Applications of Domain

    Standard: F.IF.5

Lesson 3: Average Rate of Change

    Standard: F.IF.6

Lesson 4: Graph Linear and Quadratic Functions

    Standard: F.IF.7

Lesson 5: Graph Square Root, Cube Root, and Piecewise Functions

    Standard: F.IF.7

Lesson 6: Writing Quadratic Functions By Factoring

    Standard: F.IF.8, A.SSE.3

Lesson 7: Writing Quadratic Functions by Completing the Square

    Standard: F.IF.8, A.SSE.3

Unit 3: Using Functions

Lesson 1: Interpreting Exponential Functions

    Standard: F.IF.8

Lesson 2: Comparing Properties of Functions

    Standard: F.IF.9, F.LE.3

Lesson 3: Write Functions that Model a Relationship

    Standard: F.BF.1

Lesson 4: Transformations of Functions

    Standard: F.BF.3

Lesson 5: Inverse Functions

    Standard: F.BF.4


Quarter 2
Unit 4: Expressions and Equations

Lesson 1: Interpreting Expressions By Examining Polynomials

    Standard: A.SSE.1, A.SSE.2

Lesson 2: Writing Equivalent Expressions

    Standard: A.SSE.3

Lesson 3: Using Equations and Inequalities

    Standard: A.CED.1, A.CED.2

Lesson 4: Rearranging Formulas

    Standard: A.CED.4

Lesson 5: Deriving the Quadratic Formula

    Standard: A.REI.4

Lesson 6: Solving Quadratic Equations

    Standard: A.REI.4, N.CN.7

Lesson 7: Extending Polynomial Identities to Complex Numbers

    Standard: N.CN.8

    • Resource: None

Lesson 8: The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

    Standard: N.CN.9

    • Resource: None

Lesson 9: Moduli and Quotients of Complex Numbers (Honors)

    Standard: N.CN.3

Lesson 10: Complex Numbers on the Coordinate Plane (Honors)

    Standard: N.CN.4, N.CN.5, N.CN.6

    • Resource: None

Lesson 11: Solve Systems of Equations

    Standard: A.REI.7

Lesson 12: Systems of Equations and Matrices (Honors)

    Standard: A.REI.8, A.REI.9

    • Resource: None

Unit 5: Proof

Lesson 1: Introduction to Formal Proof

    Standard: G.CO.9, G.CO.10, G.CO.11

Lesson 2: Theorems About Lines and Angles

    Standard: G.CO.9

Lesson 3: Theorems About Triangles

    Standard: G.CO.10

Lesson 4: Theorems About Parallelograms

   Standard: G.CO.11

Lesson 5: Proof Using Coordinates

    Standard: G.GPE.6, G.GPE.4

Unit 6: Similarity and Right Triangle Trigonometry (Extends into Q3)

Lesson 1: Dilations

    Standard: G.SRT.1

    • Resource: None

Lesson 2: Triangle Similarity

    Standard: G.SRT.2, G.SRT.3

Lesson 3: Using Similarity and Congruence

    Standard: G.SRT.4, G.SRT.5

Lesson 4: Trigonometric Ratios

    Standard: G.SRT.6, G.SRT.7

Lesson 5: Solving Right Triangles

    Standard: G.SRT.8

Lesson 6: Trigonometric Identities

    Standard: F.TF.8

Lesson 7: Addition and Subtraction Formulas In Trigonometry (Honors)

    Standard: F.TF.9

    • Resource: None

Quarter 3
Unit 7: Circles Without Coordinates

Lesson 1: Similarity of Circles

    Standard: G.C.1

    • Resource: None

Lesson 2: Circle Relationships

    Standard: G.C.2

Lesson 3: Circle Constructions

    Standard: G.C.3, G.C.4

Lesson 4: Arc Length and Area of a Sector

    Standard: G.C.5

    • Resource: None

Lesson 5: Defining Radians

    Standard: G.C.5

Lesson 6: Circumference and Area of Circles

Standard: G.GMD.1

Lesson 7: Volume

    Standard: G.GMD.1, G.GMD.3

Lesson 8: Cavalieri’s Principle (Honors)

Standard: G.GMD.2

    • Resource: None

Unit 8: Circles With Coordinates

Lesson 1: Equations of Circles

    Standard: G.GPE.1

Lesson 2: Equations of Parabolas

    Standard: G.GPE.2

Lesson 3: Equations of Ellipses (Honors)

    Standard: G.GPE.3

Lesson 4: Equations of Hyperbolas (Honors)

    Standard: G.GPE.3


Quarter 4
Unit 9: Applications of Probability

Lesson 1: Introduction to Probability

    Standard: S.CP.1

Lesson 2: Independence

    Standard: S.CP.2, S.CP.5

Lesson 3: Conditional Probability

    Standard: S.CP.3, S.CP.5

Lesson 4: Constructing and Using Two-Way Tables

    Standard: S.CP.4

    • Resource: None

Lesson 5: Rules of Probability

    Standard: S.CP.6, S.CP.7, S.CP.8

    • Resource: None

Lesson 6: Permutations and Combinations

    Standard: S.CP.9

Lesson 7: Making Decisions from Probability

    Standard: S.MD.1, S.MD.2

    • Resource: None


*Created by Annie Swinton, Mountain Heights Academy