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Standard IV - Fossils

Standard: Students will understand how fossils are formed, where they may be found in Utah, and how they can be used to make inferences.

Objective 1: Describe Utah fossils and explain how they were formed.
Objective 2: Explain how fossils can be used to make inferences about past life, climate, geology, and environments.

Science Benchmark
Fossils are evidence of living organisms from the past and are usually preserved in sedimentary rocks. A fossil may be an impression left in sediments, the preserved remains of an organism, or a trace mark showing that an organism once existed. Fossils are usually made from the hard parts of an organism because soft parts decay quickly. Fossils provide clues to Earth's history. They provide evidence that can be used to make inferences about past environments. Fossils can be compared to one another, to living organisms, and to organisms that lived long ago.