May the Force Stay With You!

Cars drive past. Flags wave in the breeze. Children ride on bicycles and scooters. All around us we see things moving. Do you sometimes wonder what makes things move? A simple explanation is a force. Force means "a push or pull." Objects move in the direction they are pushed or pulled. Cars need the force of engines to help them move. Wind is the force that moves a flag. Children use the force in their muscles to help push them along on scooters or bicycles. There are many kinds of forces.

Did you know that there is one force that affects everything on or near Earth? Nothing can escape its powerful effects. No matter where you go you are moved upon by it. What is it?

It is the powerful force called gravity. Gravity is the downward pull that makes things we drop fall to Earth. This pulling makes gravity a force.

We can't see gravity because it is an invisible force. But we can see what gravity does.