Heat Sources

There are many things that make heat. Some heat is made by an object doing work. Sometimes heat is made with the help of electricity. Some people enjoy the heat of the warm sunshine most of all. In this unit, you will see the importance of heat to things on Earth. Enjoy looking for many things which can create heat. And don't forget to sing the song below!

Sources of Heat
(to the tune: "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean")

Oh, we can make heat with rubbing,
And heat from machines can be fun...
A hot tub will help us keep cozy,
But most of our heat's from the sun.

Heat and light can warm us.
Heat from the sun will help plants to grow.
Sunlight helps all creatures
That live on Earth, and below.

Mechanical machines are helpful
They work without electrical power,
Like biking and cutting and mowing,
They produce some heat and some power.


Electrical machines are common,
Like everything that has a cord.
A lamp, stove, TV, or heater,
And battery-powered toys.


Rubbing two things together
Will create a little heat
Like sticks, hands, ballons, and paper.
I really think friction is neat.


Words by V. Ahlstrom