Utah's Plants and Animals - Classifying Objects

Have you ever lost a button from your shirt? When you started looking for it on the floor or tried to replace it, you had an idea of what it looked like. You remembered the color, size and shape of the button.

Try It!

Take a container of buttons and pour them out on a table or desk. Sort them into groups according to their color, size, shape, etc. How many groups can you make?

Scientists have sorted all of the animals and plants on the earth into groups and given them names. Some common groups of animals are reptiles, birds, fish, and mammals.

By using classification keys that scientist have made, it can help us sort animals into groups and learn more about them. An easy way to start is to group using NOT. Buttons that are white and those that are NOT. Buttons that are red and those that are NOT. Round buttons and those that are NOT. Buttons with two holes and those that do NOT.

Find pictures of different animals and then sort them into groups.

Share your animal groups with your friends. Did they agree with the groups you created? Remember that it is acceptable to have different ideas on what groups animals belong to - after all scientists sometimes argue about how to group organisms.


utah state board of education This Sci-ber Text was developed by the Utah State Board of Education and Utah educators.