Utah's Plants and Animals - Utah Mammals

Photo courtesy of Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Have you ever been in the mountains and heard a loud noise? Maybe it was your dad snoring in the tent nearby, or maybe it was an elk.

Elk BugleElk bugle

The elk was chosen as the state mammal of Utah. Mammals are vertebrates that are warm-blooded, have hair, produce milk for their young, and give live birth. An elk is the largest mammal found in our state. Elk are found in mountain forests and meadows during the summer and in the lower foothills during the winter to avoid the deep snow. They eat the grasses and woody plants found there. Elk are usually seen in herds. A male (bull) protects a group of females (cows) and their young (calves). They bugle, or make a loud noise to communicate with each other.

Try it!
Choose one of Utah's wild mammals on which to do a report. Use books or the Internet to find information. Draw or print a picture of your animal. Answer the following questions:

  1. What does it look like?
  2. What does it eat?
  3. Does it come out at night or during the day?
  4. How does it protect itself from danger (does it run or fight?)
  5. Does it hibernate or migrate?
  6. How does it find shelter?
  7. Is it endangered or protected by federal or state laws?
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