The Mysterious Force...

There is a mysterious force at work in your home! This mysterious force is found nearly everywhere. Your help is needed to describe how the force works and to identify what it is. Are you ready? Will you accept this assignment? Beware! What you find just might be shocking!

To identify the mysterious force, you must first find out exactly what it does. Do the following activities and describe what happens.

Do it!

  • Blow up a balloon and tie it off. Gently rub the balloon against your shirt for ten seconds. Place the balloon next to the wall.  What happened?
  • Hold a comb on a few tiny pieces of paper. Lift the comb. Now rub the comb with a piece of cloth or fur. Hold the comb on a few tiny pieces of paper again. What happened?
  • Put on a pair of shoes with leather (not rubber or plastic) soles (the bottom of the shoe). Go into a carpeted room. Rub the bottom of your feet on the carpet as you walk across the carpet. Do not pick up your feet. Now touch a friend! What happened?

What is this mysterious force that you made? Can you name it?