Electricity - Here It Comes!

The weatherman warned you that it is coming….

You look at the horizon filled with rolling, angry, darkening clouds. You see the flash of lightning in the distance. You know that the fireworks are on their way. As the storm moves overhead, the booming of the thunder grows, and the lightning becomes more exciting.

You watch the storm from the safety of your home.

And then--the big one hits.

With the flash of ghostly light and the deafening explosion of the thunder immediately overhead, your heart skips a beat. At the same moment, the lights in your home and neighborhood, flicker once, twice, and then suddenly you are in the dark. Awe! This is what you have been waiting for.

Admit it. It is a thrill, an adventure!

You are without electricity.

“Cool,” you say to yourself. That is, until you decide that it might be fun to pop some popcorn for the rest of the light show. Darn! No microwave.

Oh, well, the lightning is still providing a free show with or without refreshments.

Soon, however, the show is over. The storm has made its way to another town, to provide another spectacular show.

So what now? Maybe a snack? You grab the flashlight and head to the kitchen.

As you reach for the door of the fridge, mom cuts you off saying, "Don't open the fridge and let all the cold air out. The food could spoil before the power is back on."

So you point the flashlight down the hall and head for bed. When you reach the room, you automatically flip the light switch to turn on the lights. "Oh, yeah," you say to yourself, "no electricity."

After a couple of hours of living in the dark, the thrill is over. The adventure has turned from entertaining to exhausting. Okay, you tell yourself before you drift to sleep, "I hope the power is still out tomorrow and school is canceled."

It doesn't take a detective to know by that this unit is all about electricity. As a scientist you will learn more about this fascinating and sometimes dangerous type of energy. You will even get the chance to design and perform some experiments using electricity.

utah state board of education This Sci-ber Text was developed by the Utah State Board of Education and Utah educators.