Parent and Offspring - Gefilte Fish - No "Build a Fish"

You have reached the last page of fifth grade Sci-ber text! You know about how instincts, inherited traits, variation, and physical abilities influence an organism's survival in its environment. Now play with your knowledge! Your mission is to fashion a fish!

First, choose your fish's environment.

  • Does it live in the ocean, a lake, river, pond, or the gutter?
  • Is the water warm or cold?
  • Does your fish live in fresh or salt water?

Think about the diet of your fish. What does it eat?

Next, choose the traits that will help your fish to survive.

  • Which type of or placement of eyes would help?
  • What about fins?
    • What shape will they be?
    • What is the size of the fins on your fish?
  • What is the body shape of your fish?
  • What does the mouth of your fish look like?
  • Feel free to choose from the samples below or create your own.

Finally, present your fish to your family or friends.

  • Create a descriptive name. Make your name sound scientific!
  • Tell about the environment in which your fish lives.
  • Describe how each of its traits, instincts and physical abilities make your fish successful.
  • The critical element here is to demonstrate your understanding and use your creativity!

Possible eye shapes

Possible mouth designs

Possible body shapes

Possible tail designs

Now that you have finished Sci-ber text you may want to go back and review your favorite pages again. Perhaps you want to search the Internet to learn more about a specific topic.

You can look forward to using Sci-ber Text again next year when you are in sixth grade!

utah state board of education This Sci-ber Text was developed by the Utah State Board of Education and Utah educators.