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Seasons - Season Reversal

Previously you saw how Earth's tilt affected day length. Remember how the globe is tilted? Now we will look closely at how Earth's tilt and revolution around the sun are changing what season we have on earth!

Imagine Earth as it revolves around the sun. The table below shows Earth at opposite sides of the sun. These two examples represent Earth's position for summer and winter.

Example A

Example B

Look closely at each example. Compare where the North and South poles are in each example.

Analysis: Click a link to see if you are correct.

  1. Is Example A a demonstration of summer or winter in Utah?
  2. Is Example B a demonstration of summer or winter in Utah?
  3. Does the northern part of Earth get warmer when it is facing towards or away from the sun? Does Example A or Example B show winter in the southern hemisphere?
  4. Write an explanation how the seasons of the Northern and Southern hemispheres are related.
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