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Size, Motion, Distance - Constellation Myths

Journal Entry - Take out your science journal and answer the following question(s) (use drawings as appropriate):

How did the ancient people group stars in the night sky?

Stars have been linked together in patterns since ancient times. These stars were given names by different civilizations that indicated the stars’ positions in their pattern. Although astronomers can now describe a star’s location with precise numbers, many of the names given centuries ago are still used.

Many constellations honored a culture’s gods, represented objects in their lives, or helped them explain the unexplainable.


  • 9 x 12 black construction paper
  • Ten sticker stars per person
  • White crayon


  1. Drop stars on black paper from a height of two feet.
  2. Stick stars to paper wherever they land.
  3. Decide what picture the stars represent.
  4. Use the white crayon and connect the stars and add details to complete picture.
  5. Title your picture and write a myth to go along with the name of your constellation.
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