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Micro-Organisms - Science Language
Algae (AL jee)
Plant-like protists that live in water and contain chlorophyll. They produce oxygen and their own food.
Bacteria (bac TEER ee a)
Microscopic single-celled organisms that exist everywhere.
The summary of an experiment, based on data.
A part of the experiment that is unchanged.
To grow microorganisms in a specially prepared nutrient medium i.e. growing mold on bread, your bread is your nutrient medium.
An organism, often a bacterium or fungus, that feeds on and breaks down dead plant or animal matter.
A series of steps to find the answer to a question.
Fungi (FUN ji)
Organisms that are neither plant nor animals, but have characteristics of both and absorb food from whatever they are growing on.
Hypothesis (hy PAW thuh suhs)
An idea or question that can be tested.
A process designed to answer a question.
A living thing that can only be seen with the aid of magnification.
Any living thing.
Protozoan (PRO to zo uhn)
A single- celled-animal-like organism that often lives in ponds.
A living thing, like a green plant, that makes its food from simple substances and sunlight.
Single-celled organism
Any organism that has only one cell, the smallest unit of life.
A part of an experiment that is changed.
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