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Chemistry Online Interactive Activities

These activities support the Chemistry Textbook.

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Chapter 1 - Periodic Table

Nucleosynthesis in the Big Bang
See what happened in the first 3 minutes after the big bang theory in this interactive.
Fe [26]: Fuse Your Way to the Iron Tile
Play this game of fusing atoms into iron.
Interactives: the Periodic Table
Using this you'll not only understand how the table works, but you can figure out how elements interact to make the world around us.
Thomson's Experiment
This Flash tool will allow you to simulate Thomson's electron experiment.
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Chapter 2 - Atomic Energy

Atomic Absorption and Emission
Look at the atomic spectra and locate various elements.
Sources of Radiation
Find out about common sources of radiation using this tool.
Nuclear Decay Simulator
This interactive allows you to look at how the number of radioactive isotopes present change over time.
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Chapter 3 - Chemical Bonding

Ionic Bonding Tutorial
Learn more about ions and ionic bonding through this tutorial and activity.
Ionic Bonding
In this game, your challenge is to create a compound by combining individual ions. You can earn and lose points based on how you do.
Covalent Bonding
This tutorial covers covalent bonding and how the process of sharing electrons can hold two atoms together.
Water: Properties and Behavior
Learn more about water and its unique properties here.
Intermolecular Attractions
Move molecules around to see their attractions and resulting properties using this online tool
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Chapter 4 - Chemical Reactions

What is a Chemical Reaction?
Use this online tool to find out about chemical reactions.
Stoichiometry and Balancing Equations
Practice balancing reactions by using this online tool.
Dissolving Salts in Water
Measure the temperature over time as you mix various chemicals using this online tool.
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Chapter 5 - Chemical Dynamics

Atoms React to Form Molecules
See how changing the concentration affects reaction rate by using this online tool.
Temperature: Atoms React to Form Molecules
Change the temperature and watch how the reaction rate changes in this online lab.
Catalyst and Chemical Reactions
This interactive allows you to see what happens when you add a catalyst to a chemical reaction.
Equilibrium and LeChatelier's Principle
This simulation allows you to see the results of changing different concentrations on an equilibrium.
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Chapter 6 - Solutions

Use this tool to explore how changing the amount of solute and solvent in a mixture affect its appearance and concentration.
This simulation shows how changes in solute and/or solution volume affects the Molarity concentration of several different substances.
Acid-Base Solutions
In this simulation apply changes in initial concentrations and strength to see how the concentration of acid or base can be measured.
pH Scale
Use this simulation to test the pH of several different substances. The pH's are shown on either a linear or logarithmic scale.
pH Scale Basics
How does adding or removing water affect pH? Use this simulation to find out.