Earth Science Online Interactive Activities

These activities support the Earth Science Textbook.

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Chapter 2 - Inside Earth

IRIS Earthquake Browser
Take a look at this world map that shows where earthquakes are founds around the globe and see how powerful they were.
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Chapter 3 - Atmosphere

This is an interactive weather map that shows weather conditions any where you choose. It also shows flood and fault zones.
Carbon Dioxide and the Carbon Cycle
See how carbon dioxide levels affect climate change and how its flow has changed over the past 300 years due to human activity.
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Chapter 4 - Hydrosphere

Water Filtration
Learn all about the water filtration process and then make your own water filtration system!
RiverWeb Water Quality Simulator
You can use this sim to see how water quality is impacted by humans.
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Chapter 5 - People and Planet

Earth's Albedo and Global Warming
What is albedo? It's the measure of how much solar radiation is reflected from Earth's surface. Learn all about it here and its relation to global warming.
Earth in Peril
How does population growth affect our environment? This interactive will show the geographical connections.
Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions
Can scientists predict when a volcano will blow? Learn about the processes scientists use to try to predict eruptions.