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3rd Grade Science Online Interactive Activities

These activities support the Grade 3 Science Textbook.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

Chapter 1 - Earth, Sun and Moon

Earth, Sun, and Moon Mystery
It's Clyde's birthday tomorrow, but the planets' orbits are in a mess. Help the Sarah Jane Adventures team put them back in order! 
Earth and Moon Rotation and Revolution
Try this game to see if you can make the Earth rotate around the sun.
Moon Quiz
See if you can look at the great pictures of moons and tell which phases they are in.
Thunderbolt Kids: the Moon
Activities, quizzes and vocabulary words all about the features, phases, and exploration of the moon.
Thunderbolt Kids: Planet Earth
Fun activities, quizzes, and writing assignments about the features, habitats, and continents of our great planet Earth.
Earth's Shape
Watch this video and see if you can answer questions about the shapes of planets.
Earth's Moon: Our Natural Satellite
NASA shows video segments about the moon.
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Chapter 2 - Classification

Is It Alive?
Watch this cool video and see if you can spot living and nonliving things.
Can You Identify Living Things?
Look at these pictures and see if you can find the living things.
Forest Life Trail
Take a walk on this forest walk trail and help Max find things that are alive or have never been alive.
Habitat Game
Explore colorful habitats and find the things that are alive.
Build an Online Habitat
Make your own habitat! Just add plants and animals.
Food Chain Game
Play the food chain game by dragging parts of the chain to their proper places. Good luck!
The Animal Diet Game
Watch for an animal to appear on the screen. When it does, choose the right diet and watch it eat up!
"Things That" Game
Look at the pictures shown and see if you can find animals that eat fish, lay eggs, and more.
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Chapter 3 - Forces and Motion

Eureka! Simple Machines videos
Watch these fun videos to learn about levers, pulleys, screws, and wheels.
Amusement Park Physics
Do you like amusement park rides like roller coasters, pendulums and bumper cars? Have fun on this site learning about how they work.
Roller Coaster Builder
Can you build your own coaster? Try and see how you do.
Soccer Ball: Energy and Change
Use your knowledge of force to kick a soccer ball and score a goal.
Tinker Ball Game
You have a set of tools and things. See if you can make the tinker ball go into the cup.
Simple Machines Game
Help your little buddy, Twitch, get his work done at the museum by using simple machines. He needs your help!
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Chapter 4 - Gravity

Your Weight on Other Worlds
If you weigh 90 pounds here on Earth, how much would you weigh on Saturn? You might be surprised to find out.
Gravity Variations
Let the cannon balls fly! You control the velocity and angle, so see if you can hit the target. Ready, set, fire!
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Chapter 5 - Heat and Light

Compare Temperature Scales
Compare the temperatures of Mars, Death Valley and more using the 3 types of temperature scales.
Interactive Thermometer
Slide this thermometer and see how hot coffee, the desert and snow temperatures compare in Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.
A Matter of Degrees
On this site you can build your own thermometer and measure the temperatures of things like an oven or a freezer.
Keeping Warm
You choose a type of container and then observe how the water temperature in it changes over time.
Earth, Sun and Moon Adventure
Can you help save the world? The Earth is wildly out of orbit and your help is needed!
Friction Ramp
Can you help the skateboarder get down the ramp after his board has lost a wheel?
Friction Game
Use your mouse to create friction and make the temperature rise in this interactive game.
Forces and Motion Basics Games
Play tug of war by using force to help your side win.
Heat and Temperature
Watch cool videos on heat and temperature on this site.
The Sun
Learn all about the sun on this site as well as make crafts and play games