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6th Grade Science Online Interactive Activities

These activities support the Grade 6 Science Textbook.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6

Chapter 1 - Moon Phases

Lunar Phases Interactive
This interactive will allow students to view the moon, earth, and sun's relative motion, and answer questions related to phases of the moon.
Lunar Cycle Challenge Interactive
Test your knowledge of the phases of the moon, by dragging the phase to its place in their cycle.
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Chapter 2 - Seasons

This simulator will allow you to see the angle of sunlight as the Earth revolves around the sun.
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Chapter 3 - The Solar System

The Solar System Game
Click on the object in our solar system to learn about it and play games about our solar system.
Solar System Exploration
Click on the various fascinating things in our solar system to learn more about them. Learn about comets, planets, the Voyager spacecraft and more.
Solar System Scope
Click on the objects in our solar system to learn more about them.
How Do Satellites Help Study Earth? (video)
View this video to learn how satellites help us to learn more about our world.
International Space Station (video)
Take a tour of the international space station.
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Chapter 4 - The Universe

Solar System Scope
Using this interactive you can view our solar system from different angles and perspectives.
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Chapter 5 - Microorganisms

What and Where are Microorganisms?
This colorful site will help you can learn about all of the various microorganisms that surround us.
Microorganism Game
Look at this scene and see if you can find the places where microorganisms live.
Microbe Magic
Have fun learning about bacteria, viruses, fungi, and play the Go Fish Microbe Game.
Microorganisms Game
Your help is need to stop a rogue microorganism from spreading in this game.
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Chapter 6 - Heat, Light, and Sound

Heat Transfer Game
See if you can find the right material to insulate a container of liquid and watch how the temperature changes with other materials.
Beat the Heat
In this game things get hot fast! Your goal is to unscramble words about heat and temperature before the thermometer tops out.
Heat Transfer and Efficiency Activity
Heat energy can be transferred by conduction, convection and radiation. What's the difference and which is more efficient? Find out in this activity.
Conduction, Convection and Radiation Puzzle
See if you can put the puzzle together by matching definitions and examples about energy transfer.
Reflection Activity
Find out how light behaves when it is reflected with a mirror at different angles.
How We See Things
In this activity you can drag mirrors into the path of light. How does this change the direction of the light?
Changing Sounds Game
In this activity play instruments such as drums, the guitar and even a bottle. Experiment with ways to make different sounds.
Interactive Sound Ruler
Slide this sound ruler to hear the decibel levels of such things as breathing, a garbage truck and a jet taking off.
This fun video explains sound and vibration.