Network Services Dashboards

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This data is updated every 5 minutes.


Latency: any kind of delay typically incurred in processing of network data. Anything below 15ms is good.

Jitter: a variation in the delay of received packets. The sending side transmits packets in a continuous stream and spaces them evenly apart. Because of network congestion, improper queuing, or configuration errors, the delay between packets can vary instead of remaining constant.

Packet loss: the failure of one or more transmitted packets to arrive at their destination.


Current Util: the most-recent utilization measurement. The data is gathered and posted hourly.

95 Util: 95% utilization over the last hour. We take all measurements for the last hour, sort them from most-utilized to least-utilized, discard the top 5% and use the next measurement as the 95 utilization measurement.

Utilization History: 95% utilization over the week.

We have "guaranteed" and "burstable" Internet capacity. 80 Gbps is the guaranteed bandwidth, but utilization can actually go above that if there is available burst capacity.

Total Utah Public K-12 Schools and Facilities Connected: 1,199

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Last updated: November 2019