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ED PS 6430: Foundations of Instructional Design

"This University of Utah graduate course provides an introduction to instructional design theories, principles and models and an overview of their historical development. Instructional design models are considered with respect to their implications for technology applications in education."

One of the primary objectives of the course is to help learners become acquainted with the field, its history, importance and the issues facing instructional designers today. This being a diverse field, it is intended that this course will aid the learner in finding areas within the field that are of personal interest, and provide learning experiences that will serve as building blocks or future courses and provided several foundation elements for the departmentally required cumulative portfolio

3 University of Utah graduate credits
This course is required for the Educational Technology Endorsement Program (ETEP).

This module will help your students to meet NETS*S foundation standard II.

ED PS 6430 is offered yearly during Fall semester. You must be admitted to the University of Utah as a non-matriculated student prior to registering for this course. Please contact Justin Brooksby for assistance with applying for admission and course registration.