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Online Secondary English Language Arts Courses


For additional information contact:

Garret Rose
USBE Secondary Language Arts Specialist
(801) 538-7616

The Utah State Board of Education, in partnership with UEN, is offering online courses to better meet the needs of those Utah educators who are pursuing their English endorsement, especially those in rural districts. These courses are developed by Utah teachers to support teaching the Utah Core Standards; building student’s reading stamina for increased text complexity; and effective use of the cognitive rigor matrix to prepare students for the end of level assessments and success in college and career. Writing and Close reading rubrics will be used to support their use with students to become independent and self-directed learners. The courses are also designed to support teachers in the use of the Utah Teaching Effectiveness Standards as they redesign their instruction based on assessment data from the new assessment system.

Course designs are aligned to the principles of adult learning, based on the Vella approach to Dialogue Education, and support high quality, collaborative learning that will be immediately relevant and applicable to one’s teaching.

Priority will be given to those teachers who are on State Approved Endorsement Plans with districts and are already teaching secondary English. Both those teachers on SAEPs and those who are completing the requirements for an English Endorsement will be awarded credit with successful completion of weekly learning tasks, an end-of-course survey and a final Capstone Project that has direct application to the classroom. Utah teachers who are participating for their ongoing professional growth will be awarded credit with successful completion of weekly learning tasks, an end-of-course survey and a final reflective essay on their changed teaching practices.

The only cost will be the recording fee payable to our education partner, SUU. Currently this is $21 per credit hour. SUU is working with us so these courses receive higher education credit and are recorded on a college transcript. There is no requirement that you are a matriculated student at SUU. Any licensed Utah K-12 teacher who wishes to take these courses can register.

Participation Criteria for English Endorsement courses:

The endorsement courses are designed specifically for Utah educators. Acceptance into the courses is based on this prioritized criteria:

  1. Utah teachers on SAEP (State Approved Endorsement Plan) in English (that is, already teaching an SECONDARY English course with two years to complete requirements);
  2. Licensed Utah teachers seeking an English endorsement who need the course to fulfill a requirement;
  3. Licensed Utah teachers with an English endorsement and already teaching in a Utah school.

All courses will begin on January 11, 2018 and be completed by April 4, 2018.