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Online Social Studies Endorsement Course Schedule


For additional information contact:

Robert Austin
Utah State Board of Education
Social Studies Specialist
(801) 538-7575

The USBE, in partnership with UEN, offers a full slate of social studies endorsement courses designed to provide Utah educators with rigorous course content eligible for higher education credit, while allowing maximum flexibility for participants. These courses demand considerable work per week per course. Therefore, educators may only register for two courses per term. However, with careful planning, it should be possible to complete endorsement requirements in a timely manner.

There is no tuition fee for these courses, but there is a required recording fee, payable to Southern Utah University (SUU), our institution of higher education partner. Some courses may have additional modest costs. Courses may require the purchase of course materials including but not limited to texts, digital resources, and/or professional organization memberships.

These courses are eligible only for college credit. Upon course completion, participants are responsible for paying the SUU recording fee payable of $21 per credit hour. SUU will record the grade on an official transcript. There is no requirement that participants be matriculated students at SUU. Any licensed Utah K-12 teacher can register, however these courses are designed for teachers who are currently teaching and desiring to add to their licensed endorsements.

COURSE REGISTRATION LIMITS: Educators may register for a MAXIMUM of two Social Studies online endorsement courses per term. Registrations beyond the maximum will be automatically dropped.

Registration opens August 1, 2017