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Digital Teaching & Learning Grant Program

Bootcamp Information

Bootcamp Registration July 2017

Utah LEAs will attend a regional Bootcamp in July 2017 to help inform the creation of their plan. There is an opportunity for current Utah DTL LEAs to present to the incoming LEAs at the regional Bootcamps. The dates and locations are as follows:





Bootcamp Agenda – Day One:

9:00 AM – Introductions
9:10 AM – Overview of the Day and Event Logistics
9:20 AM – Why Digital Teaching and Learning? – The Vision for Our Future
10:00 AM – Change Leadership for Digital and Personalized Learning
12:00 PM – Lunch Break (On Your Own)
1:30 PM – Overview of the Digital Teaching and Learning Program History and Requirements
2:30 PM - Discussion of Elements A – C
3:30 PM – Root Cause Analysis
4:00 PM – Wrap-Up and Steps for Tomorrow

Bootcamp Agenda – Day Two:

9:00 AM – Overview of the Review Structure
9:30 AM – Discussion of Elements D – L : Workshop Rotation with Vendors
11:45 AM - Lunch Break (On Your Own)
1:00 PM – Resources with UETN – Utah’s Investments in Educational Technology
3:00 PM – Sharing of Plan’s and Matching with Resources
3:45 PM – Discussion of Next Steps

Each LEA in attendance is required to bring a team consisting of:

  • Optional: Other staff identified by the LEA may participate as selected by the required team members.
  • Application Requirements

    Before an LEA submits an LEA plan to the advisory committee for approval by the Board, an LEA shall:
    1. Visit, and read Utah’s Master Plan: Essential Elements for Technology Powered Learning.
    2. Complete the readiness assessment required in Section 53A-1-1405 (Please note that this assessment takes 4-8 weeks to complete.)
      1. Readiness Assessment Option #1 – Future Ready Framework -
      2. Readiness Assessment Option #2 - North Carolina Digital Learning Progress Rubric -
    3. Complete the Full Application in cooperation with a representative group of all LEA stakeholders including school administrators, educators, paraeducators, school board members, and parents.
    4. Send an LEA Team to a pre-grant submission September Bootcamp conducted by the Superintendent. Require the following individuals to participate:
      • The school district superintendent or charter school executive director; and
      • The LEA’s curriculum director; and
      • The LEA’s technology director
      • A representative group of school leadership from schools participating in the program; and
      • A member of an LEA’s local school board or charter school governing board
      • Optional: Other staff identified by the LEA may participate as selected by the required team members.