Site Administrator

Site Administrator responsibilities prior to and during site selection:

  • Help determine specific Distance Education needs of the school or institution. Working with site counselor, UEN Instructional Services, and/or UEN Instructional Delivery Services.
  • Select the physical site (room) which will be the Distance Education site.
  • Coordinate and budget for institution’s portion of installation costs, in cooperation with UEN.
  • Complete and submit the Application for Services form.
  • Work with UEN Instructional Delivery personnel to determine the best technology to meet the needs of the institution.
  • Select and make resources available for the Site Coordinator.

Before installation, the Administrator is responsible for coordinating aspects of room modification preparatory to equipment installation including:

  • Initiating installation of a telephone line for telephone/fax communication.
  • Overseeing selection and purchase or acquisition of tables and chairs for the room.
  • Overseeing modification of the selected classroom as defined in the preliminary letter of agreement including acoustical modifications such as disabling intercom and bell systems, lighting modifications such as window treatments or additional lighting, and power modifications including isolation of circuits supplying the Distance Education classroom.
  • Working with UEN, district, and local technology personnel to conduct a network analysis to determine readiness for new technologies. Ensure any network modifications needed are completed before installation of equipment.

Following installation, the Site Administrator should:

  • Sign the letter of agreement.
  • Accept responsibility for the equipment, including acceptable use and security.

Ongoing duties include being responsible for:

  • Setting and administering site policies.
  • Maintaining observance of UEN agreements and policies.
  • Supporting Site Coordinators, including establishing site policies compatible with UEN operation requirements and providing resources to ensure that appropriate operational support is available for all events.
  • Disbursing receive-site fees or authorizing disbursement of fees.
  • Maintaining an inventory of UEN-supplied equipment.
  • Notifying the UEN Service Representative or IDS personnel when a new Site Coordinator is hired for the site.