Site Coordinator

Prior to installation, the Site Coordinator:

  • May be asked to help the Site Administrator make room modifications, acquire telephone service for classroom phone/fax lines, oversee network analysis and modification, etc.
  • Must agree to be trained to operate the equipment.
  • Must agree to observe and participate in site installation.

During installation, the Site Coordinator:

  • Should be present during equipment installation.
  • Should act as main contact for UEN Technical Services staff during installation.
  • May be assigned to receive the site inventory from the UEN Technical Services installation team on behalf of the Site Administrator.

Ongoing responsibilities include:

  • Implementing site-specific policies established with the Site Administrator.
  • Acting as main point of contact with UEN Scheduling and Service Representatives.
  • Coordinating confirmation/approval of scheduling for programs to be received by the site.
  • Initiating scheduling for programs originating from the site.
  • Attending periodic hub meetings to review scheduled and proposed programming, reviewing/resolving technical operation problems, receiving miscellaneous training, and reviewing other items as necessary.
  • Taking responsibility for technical operation of the site after training.
  • Coordinating technical support for classes originating at the site.
  • Taking responsibility for overseeing site facilitation of all events at the site.
  • Coordinating training sessions for site personnel with the UEN Service Representatives.
  • Ensuring that all Site Facilitators attend UEN Facilitator Technical Training.
  • Taking responsibility for performance of Site Facilitators based on standards established by the Network.
  • Ensuring all event materials and handouts are made available to the Facilitator for distribution to the students, as well as collected and returned to the Instructor.
  • Scheduling a Site Facilitator to support operation for the duration of all events.
  • Communicating operational, technical and facilitation problems to the Network.
  • Notifying the UEN Service Representative or other Instructional Delivery Services personnel when a new Site Facilitator is hired for the site.
  • Assisting the Site Administrator in maintaining an inventory of UEN-supplied equipment.
  • Serving the role of Site Facilitator when necessary.