Site Counselor

Prior to the installation, the Site Counselor:

  • Will review courses listed in the online UEN Distance Learning Catalog.
  • Must meet with a UEN Local Service Representative to go over promotion, enrollment, and registration procedures for distance learning courses.

On-going duties include:

  • Downloading and reviewing the Distance Learning Catalog each year (usually available in February) to select courses for the following academic year.
  • Promoting distance learning courses to students, targeting students with a likelihood of success in learning at a distance.
  • Listing desired DL courses in the school catalog.
  • Submitting desired courses to UEN Service Reps or Schedulers to ensure that system resources will allow the course to be carried at the site.
  • Working closely with the Site Coordinator and Site Facilitators to communicate information on schedules and gain feedback on courses received at the site.
  • Contacting the program provider registrars and follow their procedures for registering students for the courses.
  • Making sure that credit is given to students participating in EDNET courses.