Site Facilitator

A Site Facilitator usually works under the direction of a Site Coordinator. Before acting as Facilitator, this individual should complete training supplied by the Utah Education Network and work to understand operation of equipment at the site.

Before each EDNET event, the Site Facilitator should:

  • Set up furniture and equipment in a configuration appropriate for the event.
  • Confirm that all equipment is turned on and operating properly.
  • Participate in the event test period with the Origination Site or Network TSSC as needed for each event.
  • Distribute materials to participants in the event, including, for Origination Facilitators, the students at the receive sites.
  • Explain to participants where cameras are found and how they will be used in the event as well as how to operate microphones.
  • Check with the course Instructor for any special activities or requirements for that day’s event. This is especially important for the Origination Facilitator.

During each EDNET event, the Site Facilitator:

  • Operates camera and audio equipment as needed to support the interactivity of their site.
  • Collects materials from participants of the event as asked and returns those materials to the Instructor or Site Coordinator to be processed.
  • Maintains appropriate decorum. Works with students to maintain appropriate classroom discipline and to ensure a positive learning environment.
  • Assists the Instructor with classroom instruction as requested. May also be requested to correct quizzes or tests and keep track of grades submitted.
  • Works with participants and the Origination Facilitator to maintain the quality of the event.

Following each EDNET event, the Site Facilitator is responsible for:

  • Making certain that electronic equipment is functioning properly, left in the appropriate configuration, and shut down properly.
  • Giving material collected during the event to the Site Coordinator.
  • Reporting any equipment malfunctions to the Site Coordinator and/or the UEN Service Reps or Network TSSC personnel.
  • Reporting inappropriate activity to the Site Coordinator or Instructor.
  • Reconfiguring equipment or furniture if requested by the Site Coordinator.