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IVC Troubleshooting

Technical Services Support Center:
800-863-3496 opt 1 then opt 1
801-581-4134 opt 1 then opt 1

Top 5 End-site “Gotcha’s”

The top 5 easy-fixes that are called into the UEN TSSC

1. TV Input

       Make sure the monitor is on the correct input to receive video.

2. Incoming Audio Muted

       Check both the volume mute on the codec and on the TV.

3. Is the power turned on?

       Double check the power is on for any device not working.

4. Noise or buzzing from outgoing audio

       Ensure that all empty ports on the mixer are turned down Or, check mic cables for one that is going bad

5. The PC screen, not your camera, is being seen by other sites

       Presentation Mode left on or PC selected on Main video input