Applicant Filing Data for Utah

Form 470 Form 471BEAR Information

Entity Numbers

Your Entity Number is a unique number assigned to your organization or institution by the SLD as a means of identifying you every time you file an application or otherwise communicate with SLD. If you have never been assigned such a number or if you need to identify a new physical facility, please call the SLD Client Service Bureau at 1-888-203-8100. UEN attempts to obtain entity numbers for Utah entities expected to require one. Please contact UEN prior to contacting USAC to see if one has already been obtained, or search for any Billed Entity Number with USAC’s BEN Search tool.

E-Rate Discounts

UEN collects and reports to USAC state-validated enrollment and NSLP eligibility data.

For the majority of Utah E-rate applicants, you may refer to and/or download the state's Child Nutrition Data from the Utah State Board of Education - Child Nutrition Program's web site. For 2015, UEN anticipates that finalized data will be published the first week of February 2015.

Utah Division of Purchasing State Master Contracts for 2015

A listing of Utah State Master Contracts (SMCs) for E-rate eligible products and services that remain valid for at least some portion of funding year 2015 may be downloaded here . Remember, if you use a SMC for 2015 Category One services, you may need to post a 2015 Form 470 and conduct a competitive bidding process in order to legitimately identify replacement services in funding requests for the remainder of funding year 2015.

Please remember that if you refer to a State Contract for the purposes of E-rate, download and print a copy of the state contract for your files and document your procurement process, including your rationale for selecting a State Contract. SMCs with Multiple award schedules will require cost comparisons (mini-bid process) of all relevant vendors’ offerings. The link to search for and download Utah State Division of Purchasing's state master contracts is:

E-rate Discount Matrix

Measured by % of students
eligible for the National School
Lunch Program

If the % of students in your school
that qualifies for the National
School Lunch Program is...

...and you are in an URBAN area, your

discount will be...

...and you are in a RURAL area, your

discount will be...

Less than 1%
20% 25%
1% to 19%
40% 50%
20% to 34%
50% 60%
35% to 49%
60% 70%
50% to 74%
80% 80%
75% to 100% 90% 90%