Indian Education

Utah State Board of Education


The Utah State Board of Education’s (USBE) American Indian website serves as a guideline to facilitate and support in building a framework for program awareness and success. It will guide investigators based on current research, state, and federal requirements the information necessary that address the American Indian/Alaskan Natives in Utah.

The teacher resources with current Title VI Coordinators and Tribal Education Leadership information are valuable with efforts to address the educational needs of the reader with contact information. This website will also provide content knowledge, subject acquisition, and subject content that meet the proficiency needs of the students.

Promises to Keep ( is an essential core “promises” that the

Utah Public Education System are a part of the civic compact and that citizens should have high expectations regarding the success in the essential “promised” work of public education. Utah’s public education system keeps its promise by:

  • Ensuring literacy and numeracy for all Utah children.
  • Providing high quality instruction for all Utah children.
  • Establishing curriculum with high standards and relevance for all Utah children.
  • Requiring effective assessment to inform high instruction and accountability.