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Oyate is a Native organization that evaluates texts, resource materials and fiction by and about Native peoples as well as conduct teacher workshops, in which participants learn to evaluate children's material for anti-Indian biases. They also administrate a small resource center and library; and distribute children's, young adult, and teacher books and materials, with an emphasis on writing and illustration by Native people. They also have listing of books to avoid. A great resource to start with when looking for materials to use in the classroom.

Four Winds Indian Books
Four Winds Indian Books sell only Native American (American Indian) books & related items. Currently offering over 1500 book titles kept in stock Also special order many of over 4000 other now-in-print titles.

Reading List
A list of reading materials for Teachers of American Indian Students as recommended by Forrest S. Cuch, Director Utah Division of Indian Affairs.

San Juan School District Media Center
An amazing resource of curriculum material centered around Indian Education. You can order books in both English and Navajo, calendars, cultural videos, educational programs and kit, and more.

Selected Bibliography of American Indian Literature and Background Materials
For elementary and middle-school teachers and students. A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff Professor of English Emerita, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Other Video/DVD Resources

Into the West
Into the West takes place during one of the most dramatic periods in American History. An era that encompasses the gold rush, the pioneers, the completion of the transcontinental railroad, and the Indian wars. Produced by TNT in association with DreamWorks Television and executive producer Steven Spielberg. This dramatic tale of the adventurous exploration of the American wilderness, the clash of two cultures, the rush to riches in a new land and the building of a new civilization. The entire 6 episode mini-series can be purchased on DVD.