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11th Grade Additional American Indian History Lesson Resources

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Internet Resources

American Rhetoric Online Speech Bank:
The actual speeches of many chiefs and leaders in written and oral form are available here.  Recommended for older learners as well.

Avalon Project
Statutes of the United States Concerning Native Americans

Native American Lore Index/Quotes from Our Native Past

Native American Images
people, places, land, images

American Indian Sovereignty:
Now You See It, Now You Don't

American Indians out of school:
A review of School-Based Causes and Solutions

American Indian Education Foundation Home Page

American Indian Policy Center

Native American Educational Resources

American Indian Studies - books, essays, research, tribal information

Native American Books
Useful maps on tribes, cultures, languages and descriptions of tribes from historical point of view.  Some reviews on books considered fraudulent stories of American Indians.

National Register of Historic Places

Videos and DVDs

The Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation – Color 19 min. VHS production of the American Indian Institute.

College of Continuing Education, University of Oklahoma 555 Constitution St. Suite 237, Norman, OK 73072-7820 American Indian Institute
(405) 325-4127

The Bear River Massacre, Battle Creek Productions (66 minutes).  Teacher preview.

Michael Mills documentary film.  Narrated by Spencer Kinard.

Walking in Two Worlds, College of Education, University of Utah.   One-hour preview and 14 instructional lesson plans.


Cheyenne Autumn (1964) True story of forced removal to Oklahoma of Cheyenne, who try to leave terrible conditions there.  Shows mistreatment of Indians.  (155 minutes)

Cry of White Wolf (1997) Two teenagers in a plane crash learn the ways of ancient people from their pilot.  In their travels back to civilization they are aided by the spirit of an ancient hunter, the white wolf.  (PG, 82 minutes)

Dances with Wolves (1993)  A story about a cavalry officer who found peace and life with the Lakota.  Teacher should preview parts that might offend students; has violence in parts.  Stars Kevin Costner.  (PG)

Geronimo: An American Legend (1994)  Geronimo was the one of the last Indian leaders to surrender.  This is a story of his leadership with a small band of warriors to escape.  Thought-provoking, with strong acting.  (PG, 115 minutes)

I Will Fight No More Forever (1975)  True story and accurately depicted film of Chief Joseph’s fighting retreat trying to get to Canada.  He has 100 able-bodied warriors and the U.S. Calvary has 500 men pursuing him.  (NR, 109 minutes)

Last of His Tribe.  (1992)  Ishi, thought to be the last survivor of the Yahi tribe, carries the secrets of his tribe in his memory, and an archaeologist makes it his mission to uncover as much as possible before the last of the Yahi Tribe is gone forever.  (PG, 90 minutes)

A Man Called Horse (1970)  Story of a captured English nobleman who, through torturous rituals, proves himself worthy to live.

Smoke Signals (1998) Chronicles reservation life for two young men who have nothing in common yet find friendship in their journey to the southwest.  89 minutes.  PG.

“Tales of Wonder: Traditional Native American Stories for Children” I and II. (1998)  Stories by Native Americans, with acclaimed storyteller and linguist Gregg Howard and flutist Hash Hernadez.  Great entertainment for the whole family.  Nine stories in all.120 minutes.  NR


500 Nations  Documentary with Kevin Costner. Four DVDs.

The West (1996) documentary of the American West without the Hollywood stereotypes, filled with intense drama.  Portrays effects of white settlers, explorers, and adventurers on the lives of Indian tribes and land.  Nine-volume set.  756 minutes. Episodes include:

  • The People
  • Empire Upon the Trails
  • The Speck of the Future
  • Death Runs Riot
  • The Grandest Enterprise Under God
  • Fight No More Forever
  • The Geography of Hope
  • Ghost Dance
  • One Sky Above Us

 Native Americans (1994)  A well-produced series covers North America’s native peoples by focusing on primary culture areas:

  • The Nations of the Northeast
  • The Natives of the Southwest
  • The People of the Great Plains (Part I)
  • The People of the Great Plains (Part II)
  • The Tribal People of the Northwest