Indian Education

Utah State Board of Education

8th Grade Additional American Indian History Lesson Resources

Internet Resources | Videos

Internet Resources

Native American Images (people, places, land, images)

American Indian Sovereignty: Now You See It, Now You Don't

American Indians out of school: A review of School-Based Causes and Solutions

American Indian Education Foundation

American Indian Policy Center

Native American Educational Resources

American Indian Studies - books, essays, research, tribal information

Native American Books - Useful maps on tribes, cultures, languages and descriptions of tribes from historical point of view.  Some reviews on books considered fraudulent stories of American Indians.

Videos and DVDs

The Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation – Color 19 min. VHS production of the American Indian Institute.

College of Continuing Education, University of Oklahoma 555 Constitution St. Suite 237, Norman, OK 73072-7820  American Indian Institute (405) 325-4127

The Bear River Massacre – Battle Creek Productions (66 minutes.)  Teacher should preview to use portions or decide whether all of the video should be part of the lesson.

Michael Mills documentary film. Narrated by Spencer Kinard.

Walking in Two Worlds – University of Utah, Utah Educational Network.

500 Nations – Four DVDs produced by Kevin Costner, with voices and acting by American Indians.