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Throughout history of public education, the development of curriculum in the United States regarding American Indians/Alaskan Natives has been portrayed in various ways when mentioned in textbooks or in other resource materials and literature. However, rarely in the curriculum of public education texts, the just and true of the American Indian/Alaskan Native History have ever been accurately mentioned.

The Utah State Board of Education has approved the development of Utah’s American Indian History context within the Social Studies curricula at USBE. The text has been aligned with Utah’s core standards and adheres to USBE’s “Promises to Keep” that outlines the vision and mission statement of Utah’s Public Education.

The material within the curriculum was collected and developed from various American Indian historians, educators, traditionalist, current researchers and others that are historically accurate and culturally relevant. The collected materials within the curriculum will appreciate and honor the cultural values, and the many positive contributions to today’s society. Further, the curriculum will make an effort to improve the student’s self-esteem and self-worth within the school community.

The lessons presented have been written to link directly to the Utah Core Standards at each grade level while assessments for each lesson is aligned according to a variation of reporting methods such as written or oral tests, group or individual presentations, technology based graphics and other means of communication. Some resources are also linked to additional websites for further research and investigation purposes.

Dr. Chuck Foster
American Indian Education Specialist
Utah State Board of Education