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The subsistence range for some of the Northwestern Shoshone peoples, whose core homeland is in northern and western Utah, included the southeast corner of Idaho. Several bands signed the Box Elder Treaty of 1865, and by 1990, many resided on the Fort Hall Reservation. The Northwestern Band of Shoshone Indians received recognition in 1980.

Basis for Legal Status

Treaty of Box Elder, June 30, 1963, Treaty with the Eastern Shoshone, July 2, 1963; Act to Ratify an Agreement with the Eastern Shoshone. September 26, 1872, ratified in December 15, 1874. Act to ratify an Agreement with the Shoshones, Bannocks, and Sheepeaters of the Fort Hall Reservation, May 14, 1880, ratified February 23, 1889; Act to Ratify an Agreement with the Shoshone Bannock Tribes at Fort Hall, July 18, 1881, ratified on July 3, 1882.

Basis for Off-Reservation Interests/Rights

(Inherent sovereignty, socio-economic well-being on their reservation) Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe v. Morton, 354 F. Supp. 252 (D.D.C. 1973), Nance V. E.P.A. 645 F.2d 701 (9th Circuit 1981), and Northern Cheyenne Tribe v. hodel, 12 Indian L. Rep. 3065 (D. Mont. 1985) affirm that federal agencies have a trust obligation when their actions may adversely affect the water quality/quality, air quality, or property of Indian reservations.

Land Base

In 1989 the L.D.S. church gave the Tribe 187 acres of land that constitutes the Tribe’s reservation. Nearby there are additional privately owned Indian lands held in trust by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Tribal Population

In 1996 there were 383 enrolled members in Idaho and Utah.


Traditional religions and Christian denominations.




They have an approved constitution as of August 1987. They did not accept the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934. The Tribe has a self-governance form of government.

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